Greetings to all of you, friends, I hope you enjoy this ASMR that I am going to perform. Our beloved model is with us today. You will feel relaxation, through your mind, will be eliminating stress the fatigue, those episodes of anxiety of nervousness. What day to day they make us tense, they put us in a bad mood. It is very important that we focus on our mental health that we relax, that we give ourselves time For ourselves to connect with our ideas with our thoughts that way not have those negative charges in our body.

We relax I’m going to use these very soft brushes to go through the face from the center we lead out. We feel the softness the delicacy for our skin. We breathe slowly very good. We inhale positively asking, with our mind, absorb positive energy. Let’S harmonize our senses.

At the time of exhalation, we expel all the negative we cast out our worries, our anxieties, problems. That way we renew our body. We renew our mind. We relax very soft. We are feeling the brushes on our face.

We breathe slowly, we relax, we hold our breath in two beats. We control our temper soft, I’m feeling all over the face very good right. Now, i’m going to use these soft cotton brushes that will relax our face. We go all over the face. We enjoy these moments, we concentrate in our inner peace.

We organize our ideas, we relax. We concentrate in healing in relaxation smooth, we clear our mind. We open space to let our ideas flow. We relax, we think clearly, in a very serene relaxed way. We go into relaxation when our body, its relaxing, feel a lot of rest, a lot of peace, and so we will not feel that tiredness that tension in our muscles rest my shoulders.

I can feel very soft, expel, expel all those negative charges. We feel that freedom that connection with our body, with our mind that relaxation right now, i’m going to massage the whole part of the face smooth, I’m going to use a candle. Let’S guide us in his light: let’s relax put in peace, our body our mind in this way. Let’S go remove bad energies, the negative charges of our body, let’s feel through our mind that light that guides our path, our ideas to flourish. In our mind, We ask for a lot of health, which is the most important thing.

That this candle remove the negativity, all negative situations that we have had at this time. We deposit in this fire in this light all those negative things, those toxic things in our body, the bad things we’ve been through. We burn them here right now. We allow give peace to our body a lot of serenity. We harmonize our environment, we have our vibe warm, we feel very relaxed.

Our mind is clear, relaxed that allows us think clearly facing any situation. We feel absolute relaxation. We raise our positive attitude confidence in ourselves because we have freed ourselves from all that heaviness of our body from the stress we have relieved our body. Let’S relax this part of the temple we press for ten seconds. Let go the moment.

We press, we restart our body, we renew in the same way in the center of our forehead. We carry our hair around our body that the same touch of our hair bring us relaxation. We feel that softness. We feel how our body rubs. We focus on this moment in ourselves.

We forget everything else. These minutes are to relax to concentrate on what we want to reflect on what we have done right or wrong. We renew again with great security in ourself. We feel that freedom in our body to let our ideas flow, we are going to feel better. We are going to transmit positive vibes to others.

We are going to transmit our positive attitudes. We are going to start by thinking. Well, what are we doing? How we feel we concentrate in our tranquility in our peace, a quieter life at the moment when we begin to enjoy our life, let’s comb, the hair, we use this soft brush, it will relax you we take a part of our hair. Let’S get all that negativity out in this way to feel renewed, our body free of all negative charges.

Let’S comb back this moment we relax our head is more relaxed. We can feel like positive energy, positive vibes flow. In our being our mind in this way, we feel our physical body much more relaxed more in harmony with our thoughts. We have more self-confidence, because if we are good, we feel good. That is what we are going to transmit to our surroundings that we are going to live day by day.

We are going to pass the candle to close this healing space that we have opened today with the light in this way we pass around of his head. So that harmonize the senses, this symbol of light light up every day, every moment that illuminates our purposes, our goals guide us enlighten us in every moment of our lives. That gives us a lot of peace. Confidence help us meet all our goals. Once we have put our lives in God’s hands, we will see how, little by little, he helps us to fulfill each of our desires.

In this way, we relax the scalp we feel at the moment. We make this pressure, how it relaxes us our head. We relieve that tension that worry reflected in headaches. We feel dizzy at this time. We relieve our capillary tissue.

I will use this beautiful flower to that. It gives us when, rubbing on the face, helps us to eliminate those impurities relax us. We rub. We rub the whole face shoulders. We rub slowly very good.



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