Greetings, friends and blessings on this beautiful morning today I have the opportunity to be with Georgia. I am going to do a spiritual cleanse to raise her positive energy to illuminate her work, strengthen her health in general. We are going to relieve her mind her spiritual body. I am going to to start the spiritual cleanse with the mountains. I have the mountains that have a very good power to spiritually, remove those bad energies, the envy I have verbena the rue, which is the willow that are bitter plants.


They have the power of healing and healing, let’s go to repeat the mantras to elevate our our ego always present in our happiness. The priority always has to be our inner peace, our mental health, in the name of God that these plants purify heal the person release. All that bad energy to bless their work, their health, their daily work, their studies, their work God trusting in you, went through these mountains for the healing of the person in the palm of your hand, try We have to pass the mountains to release those bad energies. The envy that is concentrated in our body, the negative vibes that sometimes sin in our body. We feel tired, fatigued without encouragement.


So today, with the spiritual cleansing, we are going to comfort that energy fill with that good energy in our body. Keeping in our mind, always the best calling that positive energy for our body, so if we think positively, we will always be acting in the same way. In this way, we are spiritually cleaning all that bad energy. We are healing our mind, our body, we let the aroma of these plants, their healing power, concentrate in our body. We are going to inhale that purity of the plant.


We have the rue, which is well concentrated in In this way. We spiritually cleanse all the bad well well, I am going to use the rocoto pepper, which is good for removing bad air throughout the body, so that this pepper absorbs all those ailments that tiredness those negative things in your body around us.

Natural elements, then we try to raise that energy around us, eliminating it from our body so that nature can take care of purifying and transforming it into living energy that we really need. Well, I’m going to give you a red candle for a lot of health. A lot of love harmony in the home in the family, with the people around us, we are going to raise a lot of positive energy.


We spiritually cleanse with the candle. Then it goes. We are going to proceed when we go to a mass to burn the candle in the name of it, having absorbed all the bad things in our body. By burning it, we are eliminating as usual, we will take a hair in this way. We put the hair in the candle as if we embedded it there when we burn it, then that bad energy goes away.


I am going to give it a massage also because of the tiredness, the fatigue of our work itself when absorbing that bad energy being loaded with that envy. So we feel the body tired with pain, sometimes in the neck, the back due to stress, so I am going to alleviate it with a massage here in the part of the shoulders. It is usually very tense, so we loosen it with the fingertips. We are releasing de-stressing feeling how I am relaxing a lot of tension in this part. In the back the same way, the muscles sometimes feel tired, the head.


We are going to de-stress the head a little by bursting the strings. In this way, we are going to loosen to give him the massage, also open the palms of the hands we go at the same time, harmonizing raising the positive energy of our body, the part of the shoulders, a part of the neck. Finally, I am going to relax here. What is the muscles for the tendons, the veins with this light massage, then this relaxes reviving those sleeping cells like pats on the back, just as very relaxing in the belly, the abdomen. Here we concentrate more on the shoulders, because here we are quite tired, so we feel our bodies much more relaxed relieved.


We will be with that positive energy for work. Our daily work, our mind here we are in nature. We are purifying recovering strengthening this new energy, asking for a lot of healing for our body much calmer, a little massage on the head to relax and eliminate that tension good now because of the sun. It also comes to burn our head, so we relieve it with the fingertips on the chest back also eliminating that tension in the body by flexing. You will feel new energy wishing your body and mind a lot of well-being with a good attitude.


Blue eyes, don’t cry, don’t cry or fall in love. You will cry when I leave when there is no remedy, you will cry when I leave when there is no remedy you leave 23 months did not pass you walk away and leave me in a glass of wine. I would like to drink poison in a glass of wine. I would like to drink poison. To forget you poison, stop not for you.


You swore to love me to love me all my life, you swore to love me to love me all my life. They passed. 23 months you go away to live in the countryside in the sad countryside, live in the countryside in the sad countryside. On both days that I touch them, I touch them. I wanted them so beautiful.


It happened with her because I loved her with all tenderness. For her, I cried for her. I cried for that now I want to if they find her tell her that if she no longer exists, I no longer exist because for the Indian, his horn is enough to play in his grave when the sun dies. When the sun dies, when the sun dies to nurse this water gr, ita, agua sawiris is there and so the whole district, the water and shouts it happens to me frankly in the water